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UAC Ushers in a New Era of Growth with Strategic Leadership and Innovation

Jon Davies
19-May-2023 11:54:21

As a proud Business Service Member of the Underwriting Agencies Council (UAC), InsuredHQ is privileged to be an active participant in the unfolding evolution of the insurance industry. Our deep commitment to supporting UAC members underscores our shared goal to constantly improve and innovate within this ever-changing landscape.

Recently, Insurance Business Australia released a special edition magazine that includes the highly anticipated 2023 UAC Underwriters Guide. We encourage you to delve into this illuminating publication here.

UAC is at a turning point this year. With the appointment of its inaugural CEO, Jenny Bax, and the announcement of a new strategic plan, the organization is poised to scale up, actively engage with industry and government at the highest levels, and enhance its role as an indispensable resource for brokers. As Heath Amber, Chairman of UAC, pointed out, "The appointment of our inaugural CEO, Jenny Bax, allows UAC the ability to scale up, participate at the highest level of industry and government and keep an equal focus on building the thriving marketplace as 'The Resource' for brokers."

Alongside these exciting changes, we're witnessing a diversifying demand for insurance products and services. "Demand for member products and services is broader than ever," says Heath Amber, highlighting the expanding needs of SMEs and various business sectors.

At InsuredHQ, we're committed to supporting UAC members during this transformative period with our innovative solutions. We understand the challenges of evolving market dynamics and the importance of swift adaptation. As Jenny Bax stated, "It's important for agencies to continue to innovate and sometimes crowded markets. What's made agency business so successful is delivering a user experience that is fast, reliable, and consistent."

As we move forward together into this promising new era, we aim to facilitate the delivery of fast, reliable, and consistent insurance services for all. The path ahead is filled with opportunities. By leveraging our collective strengths and maintaining a steadfast commitment to service excellence, we can shape a vibrant future for the insurance industry.

Stay tuned for more updates, and know that InsuredHQ is here to support you as we navigate these exciting changes and seize the opportunities ahead together.


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