The NZ Fintech Report: A Testament to Startups and Innovation in Aotearoa

Jon Davies
18-Jun-2024 14:50:00

We are excited to announce that InsuredHQ has been recognized in the 2024 New Zealand Fintech Report! You can download the full report for free here: 2024 NZ Fintech Report.

A Thriving Sector

New Zealand's insurtech and fintech sector is witnessing remarkable growth, emerging as the country's largest tech export industry and its fastest-growing sector. This rapid development is not only fostering innovation within the country but also drawing significant attention from global investors and dealmakers. Their interest in both investment and acquisitions highlights the robust and dynamic nature of our local fintech ecosystem.


The Role of Global Dealmakers

The insurtech and fintech industries in New Zealand are attracting global interest, which is crucial for continued growth and innovation. International investors are increasingly looking towards New Zealand for opportunities, recognizing the potential and innovative spirit within our tech sector. This influx of investment and acquisition activities validates the strength and potential of our industry, positioning New Zealand as a significant player on the global stage.

InsuredHQ’s Contribution

Being recognized in the 2024 New Zealand Fintech Report is a significant milestone for InsuredHQ. It reflects our commitment to excellence in providing comprehensive insurance administration software and open APIs. Our solutions are designed to cater to general insurance carriers, agents, and startups, ensuring they have the tools they need to succeed in a competitive market.

Looking Ahead

At InsuredHQ, we are proud to be part of New Zealand's burgeoning fintech ecosystem. The recognition in the 2024 New Zealand Fintech Report not only celebrates our achievements but also underscores the vibrant and innovative community we are part of. We are surrounded by numerous cutting-edge businesses that are making remarkable strides in the fintech space.

Explore the full report and discover more about the thriving insurtech/fintech landscape in New Zealand by downloading the 2024 NZ Fintech Report.


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